The Garrett College Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation exists for the betterment of the western Maryland area community we serve and the individuals, families and businesses within it. Part of Garrett College, the Center provides for a number of levels of interaction, programs and services, depending on the unique needs of entrepreneurs, their enterprises, managers and employees. Membership is designed to allow engagement and value transfer to entrepreneurs and enterprises at all stages of their growth and development, and are as follows:

Virtual Member, Level One - This "membership" level is open to and includes all members of Garrett County and the surrounding community and is delivered at no cost. This level of engagement involves a minimal level of interaction and service whereby individuals considering starting a company (or non-profit) or in the early-stages of growing an enterprise, can contact the Center for a free consultation and help with questions they may have relative to their business plan, product definition, marketing approach, sales strategies or financial reporting and funding.
Virtual Member, Level Two - At this level, entrepreneurs seeking regular assistance, coaching, mentoring and interaction pay a small monthly fee to attend quarterly workshops at the Center, receive deep discounts on continuing education workshops and classes and also attend monthly round-table start-up sessions moderated by the Center's Director.
A-La Carte - The Center offers a number of workshops, classes and seminars available through both the College's Continuing Education and Credit divisions. In addition, the Center regularly offers free briefings and local/ regional conferences and also offers workshops in partnership with the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce, SBDC and Garrett County Economic Development. Access to the Hive and office/meeting spaces can also be procured for limited time frames in special circumstances.
Coworking Hive - The Center's coworking Hive is located in the Garrett Information Enterprise Center, the small business incubator located on Garrett College's campus. The Hive is a shared workspace that offers 24/7 access, wireless broadband access, free access to continuing education workshops and classes as well as access to the Center's classroom, meeting room, shared kitchen and select College services.

Attractively priced from $20 - $160 per month (depending on usage levels), the Hive provides a turn-key, cost-effective solution for new entrepreneurs, small company teams seeking to collocate, freelancers, independent contractors, visitors, second homeowners and those without adequate or reliable Internet access.
Garrett Information Enterprise Center (GIEC) Offices - There are a broad array of flexible office solutions available in the GIEC incubator. From a few hundred square feet up to interconnected suites of well over a thousand square feet, all offices enjoy shared spaces, cost-effective rental rates and the services and support of the Center. The GIEC also houses a fully equipped SCIF space (secured Compartmentalized Information Facility) previously leased and outfitted by, and certified through, a defense contractor. The SCIF is open and ready for use (upon specialized recertification, if needed) for a defense or other organizations seeking a secure space, already configured with dozens of work stations and including a secure meeting room and rack room. The SCIF would be a perfect and very cost-effective solution for a Federal agency or professional services firm seeking to acquire a very cost-effective staffed or redundant facility.
Maker Space (coming soon) - The Center plans to finalize and offer a practical maker space to serve both the technical and artisan communities in the County and in surrounding counties. This space will complement our engineering and robotics laboratory and our workforce training spaces and laboratories at the College.

Garrett College Center for
Entrepreneurship & Innovation