Posted 2014-08-14 00:00:00 by Mike Tumbarello

Welcome to the on-line site of The Garrett College Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and our first blog post. My name is Mike Tumbarello and I am the Director of the GCCEI.

Our mission, intent and hope is to advance the success of all those in our region that wish to learn about, become or are currently entrepreneurs and small business managers. This blog will be regularly updated by me and other contributors and we hope it will add value to your, and your respective organizations', quest for success.

Our intent is for this blog to become a cornerstone of thought and practice relative to all that is small business in the region and to engage and enhance the lives of all types of entrepreneurs, whether they are a farmer, craftsperson, software developer, freelancer, artisan, tech executive or student wishing to learn. Please come back...and come back often...to see what we have to say and comment on our content or other things that may be important to you.

I look forward to "talking" to you on a regular basis, helping you reach for your dreams and wish you continued success in your endeavors... Until next time, Mike

Mike Tumbarello heads the Garrett Information Enterprise Center (GIEC) incubator and the Garrett College Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, where he develops programming and consults to help small businesses in the county. Mike also assists with deal-flow generation and management for the Mountain Maryland Angel Investors Group (MMAIG) incubator, which reflects his commitment to building and supporting start-ups in Garrett County and surrounding areas. Mike is a seasoned businessman, entrepreneur, consultant, and educator that believes entrepreneurship is a great path for those in rural areas.

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